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Cassandra N.

After everything we went through with COVID, we decided to put in a home gym to stay busy.  We were unable to use our family gym membership due to the closing of gyms during COVID.

It’s one of the best decisions we made! It gave us a way to play as a family and stay healthy.  We love being able to use our VBX 3500 machine in the comfort of our own home.

Suzie T.

I have to say, I was skeptical at first about vibration exercise machines.  After putting one into my in-home gym, I’m a believer.  The workout makes me feel great and I can tell the difference already. Being able to lose weight in the comfort of my own home was wonderful!

Sally R.

What a cool thing this Vibrating Exercise Machine is Kevin!  We just love our VBX 4000 Exercise Machine!  It’s nice to be able to workout  in my own home, without feeling pressure at the gym, and being embarrassed about my weight.

Elle B.

I’ve had a really hard time exercising, due to COVID and all the gym closures.  I can’t do any high impact exercise, so the Vibration Exercise Machines are a perfect fit for me.  The gentle vibration not only feels good, but I’m seeing great results and feeling really good.  I love my VBX 4000 Vibrating Exercise Machine!

Stephan D.

One thing COVID did was make our family gain weight being confined to home for so long. We decided to get a VBX 3000 to help battle the bulge and what a great decision!  I love the work out videos and being able to do them at my own pace.

Mary & Don S.

Kevin, we love our new in-home gym you helped us put together!  The VBX Exercise Machine is so gentle and both my husband and I feel amazing after using it.  Plus, the results we are seeing in our own health are amazing.    I think we need to order another one, so we have his and hers.  Thanks again Kevin, this has been a great fit for our family!

Tyler S.

We purchased a VBX 3500 Vibrating Exercise Machine and decided it wasn’t the right model for our needs. Nicole worked with us and it was a hassle free exchange to get what we wanted.  We settled on the VBX 5000 model and the customer service experience was great. Kevin sold us our machine and guaranteed the product. Great customer service!

Kimberly T.

Vibrating Exercise Machines?  Weight loss?  I was skeptical at first, but Kevin reassured me that if I was completely satisfied, I could return it. I purchased the VBX 8000 and I LOVE it. It has the seal of approval from the BBB as an A+ rating and now I know why.  Fantastic product!

Betty S.

Kevin’s product knowledge for the VBX Vibrating Exercise Machines is amazing!  He fit us with the right machine for our needs and it’s been a fantastic addition to our home gym.  I love being able to work out whenever I feel like it and in the comfort of my own home.

Don & Jodi C.

After my husband had his stroke, we were looking for some gentle rehabilitation therapy that he could do in the comfort of his own home.  The gentle vibration therapy, from the VBX 5000, was a fantastic choice.  He has the exercise poster and home video that he uses to get the most out of his rehabilitation.  I’m happy to say he is recovering well and we really attribute it to his VBX machine.

Aliesha R.

I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and have a very difficult time exercising, due to pain.  After researching vibration therapy, I decided to give it a go and am so glad I did.  I’ve noticed a significant reduction in pain and just a better sense of overall well-being.  It’s great to be able to gently work my muscles to prevent atrophy from not being able to use them. I love my VBX!

Candace A.

I used to hate exercising.  I was too embarrassed to go to the gym and knew I needed to start a program, due to some health related issues.  I decided to set-up an in-home gym and Kevin helped me get set-up with a VBX 8000, the video and the Wall Poster for exercising.  I am seeing great results and so happy I decided to do this.  Thank you Kevin!  It has been life changing for me.

Darlene J.

My father-in-law recently developed neuropathy from his diabetes.  He has a difficult time with a treadmill and other exercise equipment, so we decided to try a VBX 5000 Vibrating Therapy Machine for his exercise routine.  He has less nerve pain, better circulation and improved range of motion in his legs.  One of the dangers of diabetes is poor circulation and loss of limbs, so being able to get his blood flowing is critical.  Because of the improvement in his overall health, we are believers in our VBX Machine!

Estelle H.

I can’t believe how good I feel when I step off my VBX 3500 Vibrating Exercise Machine!  It’s a fantastic add to my weekly exercise routine and not having to do it everyday keeps my workout routine realistic with results.  I love my VBX 3500!

George V.

I feel like shopping online often gets me ‘less’ than I expected.  I was pleasantly surprised to find my VBX 5000 Exercise Machine gave me much more than I expected.  Thank you VBX.

Peter F.

Wow!  This is a fantastic product and I can’t believe how much better I feel Kevin!  I love working out with the Video and being able to refer to the Wall Poster.   I’m so happy with my VBX 5000, I just had to write and let you know Kevin.   For such a gentle workout, I sure get some great results!

Bonnie M.

I just had to write to you about the great experience I had purchasing my VBX 3500. Kevin’s product knowledge was just fantastic and the whole customer service experience was wonderful. We were missing a part and contacted Wendy. She was so helpful and got us just what we needed right away. Not only do I love the machine, but I love the post sale customer service. It’s been a great fit for us and I really appreciate it!

Kyle G. & family

We recently put in an in-home gym due to all the health concerns in public gyms.  Exercise is an important part of our family routine, and something we all enjoy together.  Kevin helped us select a VBX 8000 Vibrating Exercise Machine and man do we use it!  It’s such a gentle, but highly effective workout, that we only need to do it every 1-2 days. 

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